Young talent in ‘Hanuman’

Young dancer Sterre (9 years), also known as the young ballerina from the popular TV-show ‘Everybody Dance Now’, is starting her dancing career with a blast! Amongst professional dancers from ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, ISH and Isabelle Beernaert, Sterre will portray the role of ‘Little Sita’ in Samadhi’s ‘Hanuman’.

Samadhi Dance Company had its break-through with the general public after being awarded with the prestigious National Dance Audience Award in 2012. The company is known for it’s surprising fusion of classical Indian dance styles such as Bharatanatyam with modern Western dance styles such as classical ballet, modern dance and breakdance. Choreographer Vraja Sundari Keilman was amazed to see Sterre’s incredible dance skills at such a young age and was very much inspired to give her the opportunity to join this magical dance production.

Next week Friday February 6th at 20:15 hr Samadhi Dance Company will premiere the full length version of ‘Hanuman’ at Theater the Meervaart in Amsterdam. Tickets for this unforgettable performance can be purchased online at Hope to see you there!

Mandali Mendrilla & Samadhi in the British Vogue!

We can hardly believe it ourselves but in this month’s issue of the British Vogue the talented and award-winning Mandali Mendrilla of the fashion brand LALALALI is featured including exclusive photographs of Samadhi dancers Vraja Sundari Keilman and Rasarani Keilman!

Mandali ’s style is noted for its elegant yet contemporary designs with influences from both Italian and Indian techniques and beautifully hand-crafted details. The clothing items exudes comfort and class and is also suitable for yoga, dance and other physical activities.
Obviously, the team of Samadhi was extremely honored to be invited to team up with Mandali and renowned photographer Bimala Naysmith which resulted in an inspiring series of photos with dancers Loura Sita van Krimpen, Rasarani Keilman and Vraja Sundari Keilman, each presenting beautiful items of the collection in their own unique dance style.
See the following links to some short interviews with the dancers where they speak of their experience dancing in these beautiful clothing items: Read more »

Feb 6: Premiere of the extended version of ‘Hanuman’!

On Friday February 6 Samadhi will open the new year with a blast by presenting the full length version of the powerful dance production ‘Hanuman’. This groundbreaking performance is based on the Indian ancient epic story of the Ramayana and the legendary apelike hero known as Hanuman. With over 15.000 hits on YouTube in less than a month, bookings from India, London, Australia and Bulgaria ‘Hanuman’ can be stated as a beloved and successful performance and that with only four performances so far! Now this epic production is back, longer, stronger and better than ever.

The premiere of the full length version of  ‘Hanuman’ on February 6 will be performed by an extra-ordinary cast of performers such as Jeffrey Stuut, Loura Sita van Krimpen, Diego Oliveira, Gino Jagessar, Vraja Sundari Keilman, Rasarani Keilman, Carl Refos, Ken Srisangkhan and singer/actor Charan. The young and talented dancer Sterre Schaapsherder (9) known from the TV show ‘Everybody Dance Now’ will be joining this sublime cast of dancers in the role of little Sita, an instant happy-maker.

On request Samadhi created a longer trailer of ‘Hanuman’ performed on October 31 of 2014 at Korzo Theater during the India Dans Festival in The Hague. View the breathtaking video above or at our exclusive Samadhi Channel. Read more »

Inspiring final performance of ‘Tusta’

Wat een ongelooflijk fijne en warme laatste voorstelling van zowel ‘Tusta’ als het jaar 2014 afgelopen december! Het was werkelijk waar een groot genot deze bijzondere voorstelling weer te mogen presenteren met de getalenteerde dansers Loura Sita van Krimpen, Rasarani Keilman, Vraja Sundari Keilman, Ken Srisangkhan, Diego Oliveira en stagiair Bryan Mandels. Het geheel werd afgesloten met hypnotiserende live muziek verzorgd door singer-songwriter Charan en virtuoso Surajit Das (sitar, vocalen) en Sandip Bhattacharya (tabla, vocalen). Gecomplimenteerd door de geprojecteerde prachtige werken van kunstenares Carolina Larrea en bijzondere kostuums van het Hong Kong merk Airfashion werd het publiek en team van Samadhi wederom vervoerd naar een magische wereld waar alleen de belevenis telt. Zie de prachtige foto’s in onze Gallerij door de geliefde Karen Scheffers om een beeld te krijgen van deze onvergetelijke avond.

ENORM VEEL DANK voor iedereen die deze avond erbij kon zijn en voor de hartverwarmende reacties, zonder jullie zouden wij niet in staat zijn ons werk te kunnen uitvoeren dus grootse dank voor deze eindeloos waardevolle steun!

‘Tusta’ wordt ondersteund door het Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst

Enticing snippet rehearsal ‘Hanuman’

View this cool snippet of a rehearsal with our fierce and ferocious dancers Rasarani Keilman & Carl Refos as the evil King Ravana & Queen Mandhodari in ‘Hanuman’! Already 1.700 views in one day, wauw !!

Order YOUR tickets now for the Premiere ‘Hanuman’ – Full length next week Friday Feb 6 at 20:15 hr at Theater De Meervaart in Amsterdam! Ticket sale:

ConSenses, a global exhibition of art


Photo: Karen Scheffers

For the past two years, Consenses’ Founder Sally Taylor, has engaged artists from around the world, of every medium and genre, and brought them together by asking them to interpret one another’s artwork in the vein of a game of “Telephone” and express it in their own medium.

For example: a musician interprets a photograph, a dancer interprets their song, a painter interprets the dance, a perfumer interprets the painting, a poet interprets the perfume and so on until all five senses are represented. In this process, each artist is given seven days to extract the essence of the artwork they are provided and use this work as the catalyst for their own creation, ultimately expressing their raw reactions in the language of their own medium. None of the artists are privy to the identities of the other participants.

This process has formed what Sally has termed Interpretative Chains: a collective, holistic statement; an intriguing procession from one piece to the next; the revealing of a unique glimpse into the artistic process and the complexity of perception.

Samadhi was also requested by Sally to contribute to these chains by interpreting a number of special music tracks in the singer-songwriter genre and this was processed through film and integrated into the exposition of this unique and international project. Especially the combination of all these various disciplines really appealed to our team and therefore it was very inspiring to be able to be part of such an initiative !
The results feature Samadhi dancers Liam O’Callaghan, Vraja Sundari Keilman , Jeffrey Stuut and Annlydie Groenen at the studios of the Balletschool Marut Jorquera in Baarn.

The exhibition allows visitors to go on an artistic journey through the senses using each piece of art as a lens through which to perceive the next in the chain. Visitors are also encouraged to interpret the art and express their perceptions using creative centers within the exhibition space (and for those who want to experience from afar, they can interpret online.

There are 22 Chains.  There are 13 additional Chains that are viewable on tablets as video compilations throughout the exhibition. There are more than 140 artists. They come from 23 countries, and they represent a variety of disciplines.

Sally Taylor, artist and musician, formed her own record label in 1998, ambitiously producing and recording three albums as well as touring 180 days a year. When she retired from the road, Taylor moved to Boston and began teaching music at The Berklee School of Music. She is currently working exclusively on Consenses.

Consenses debuted summer 2014 on Martha’s Vineyard. As part of the 3-day event, there also were workshops in multiple disciplines (perfume, creativity, dance, and drama), and nightly performances by Consenses artists.

Editorial for LALALALI by Bimala Naysmith

More info at

Oct 31: ‘Hanuman’ at the India Dans Festival by Korzo

Foto: Karen Scheffers
On October 31 Samadhi will be performing its latest mesmerizing production titled ‘Hanuman’ during the India Dans Festival organized by and held at the Korzo Theatre in Den Hague. Naturally the company is excited to present its latest work at this prestigious festival and theater, especially seeing the background of artistic director and creator of ‘Hanuman’  Vraja Sundari Keilman; already 10 years ago Sundari’s professional career as a contemporary dancer kicked off at the same production company when working for the acclaimed modern dance choreographer Bruno Listopad (2004 to 2005). Now, completing the cycle, Sundari is back to present her own work with her cast of magnificent performers and the team is up and ready to create some magic!
The performance commences at 20.00 hr followed by a Q&A afterwards with Sundari and the audience for those who are interested.
Tickets are € 15,- and can be purchased online. Note that tickets are lower in price when purchased online.

For more information visit Korzo’s website.

Hanuman Official Trailer

For those who missed ‘Hanuman’’s premiere or want to relive some of the highlights of this stunning production, here is our latest trailer filmed by Lars Steenhoff and edited by Vraja Sundari Keilman. Enjoy!

Actor/Singer: Chris Kuijken Aka Charan – Lights: Mike den Ottolander – Dancers: Daan Bootsma, Josephine van den Nieuwendijk, Sarada Sarita Keilman, Marnix Lenselink, Rasarani Keilman, Vraja Sundari Keilman, Loura Sita van Krimpen, Gil Gomes Leal, Shailesh Bahoran, Ken Srisangkhan, Bryan Mandels, Simone Wanders.

Interview Vraja Sundari in Dans Magazine

Photo: Karen Scheffers – Hair: Hairfashion Amsterdam by Leo NG – MU: Rasarani Keilman, Charan

Read this inspiring interview in Dans Magazine with the founder and artistic director of the Samadhi Dance Company Vraja Sundari Keilman and the influence of positivity on professional dance: