Dec 4: ‘Tusta’ returns at the Meervaart Theater!

Photo: Karen Scheffers/Bimala Naysmith

The crossover production ‘Tusta’ from 2013 is back one more time this December 4 exclusively at De Meervaart in Amsterdam! With two official nominations for the Dutch Dance Audience Award of 2013 (Danspublieksprijs) in the pocket we are definitely excited and inspired to rock this piece once more! ‘Tusta’ is a collaboration with the inspirational Indian musicians Surajit Das and Sandip Bhattacharya and the talented singer-songwriter Chris Kuijken Aka Charan. The production will be performed by a cast of exquisite dancers specialized in improvisational dance carried out by virtuosic live music combined with tracks of Alt-J, Nitin Sawhney, Armand Amar and Radiohead. The entire performance is set to a stunning backdrop of artwork by Carolina Larrea- 100% PAPEL from Chile, making the performance a truly multidisciplinary happening. Costumes are provided by the exclusive brand AirFashion by Leo Ng topped off by the unique body art characterizing the style of the performance.

Tickets are going fast so don’t wait too long and order your tickets now by clicking on the following link.

Click here for more info concering ‘Tusta’.

It would be truly wonderful to share this last ‘Tusta’ with you all so hope to see you there!

‘Tusta’ is supported by the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst

Magical evening at Korzo

A HUGE THANKS to all who came to see ‘Hanuman’ previous Friday at Korzo, it was an evening to truly never forget WAUW !! Everything was right and downright MAGIC, taking the work to a whole other level, never did we cry, laugh and get the chills from each other all at once !!
Another HUGE thank you to Liam O’Callaghan, Ederson Xavier and Ruud for making it look stunning, Eveline de Jong and Lara Matthey for making it all go smoothly, all dancers especially new Samadhi dancer Martin Tint Barnes for the insanely powerful contribution, Sharon Wezer for the great pr and support and the entire Korzo team for the warm welcome, wonderful food, lovely interview and beautiful facilities, and to see a full house give a standing ovation was just the cherry on the cake, thank you beyond words !!
* Next Samadhi performance: ‘Tusta’ – Dec 4 at the Meervaart in Amsterdam. Click here to order your tickets.

* Next ‘Hanuman’ performance: ‘2FOLD H/Y’ – Feb 6 2015 at the Meervaart in Amsterdam. Click here to order your tickets.

Hope to see you there!

Hanuman Official Trailer

For those who missed ‘Hanuman’’s premiere or want to relive some of the highlights of this stunning production, here is our latest trailer filmed by Lars Steenhoff and edited by Vraja Sundari Keilman. Enjoy!

Actor/Singer: Chris Kuijken Aka Charan – Lights: Mike den Ottolander – Dancers: Daan Bootsma, Josephine van den Nieuwendijk, Sarada Sarita Keilman, Marnix Lenselink, Rasarani Keilman, Vraja Sundari Keilman, Loura Sita van Krimpen, Gil Gomes Leal, Shailesh Bahoran, Ken Srisangkhan, Bryan Mandels, Simone Wanders.

Interview Vraja Sundari in Dans Magazine

Photo: Karen Scheffers – Hair: Hairfashion Amsterdam by Leo NG – MU: Rasarani Keilman, Charan

Read this inspiring interview in Dans Magazine with the founder and artistic director of the Samadhi Dance Company Vraja Sundari Keilman and the influence of positivity on professional dance:

Oct 31: ‘Hanuman’ at the India Dans Festival by Korzo

Foto: Karen Scheffers
On October 31 Samadhi will be performing its latest mesmerizing production titled ‘Hanuman’ during the India Dans Festival organized by and held at the Korzo Theatre in Den Hague. Naturally the company is excited to present its latest work at this prestigious festival and theater, especially seeing the background of artistic director and creator of ‘Hanuman’  Vraja Sundari Keilman; already 10 years ago Sundari’s professional career as a contemporary dancer kicked off at the same production company when working for the acclaimed modern dance choreographer Bruno Listopad (2004 to 2005). Now, completing the cycle, Sundari is back to present her own work with her cast of magnificent performers and the team is up and ready to create some magic!
The performance commences at 20.00 hr followed by a Q&A afterwards with Sundari and the audience for those who are interested.
Tickets are € 15,- and can be purchased online. Note that tickets are lower in price when purchased online.

For more information visit Korzo’s website.

‘2FOLD H/Y’ premiere by Karen Scheffers

View and admire this stunning collection of photographs made by the renowned photographer Karen Scheffers taken during the premiere of ‘2FOLD H/Y‘ at the Meervaart Theater in Amsterdam. Big thanks to Karen for once again creating beautiful memories of an unforgettable evening!

Mesmerizing premiere of ‘2FOLD H/Y’

Photo: Karen Scheffers

Thank you dear audience and fans for your incredible support and love previous Friday, it truly was a dream come true…!! Who thought we could actually fill up the theater with ‘just’ dance performances?! YEAH for the art of dance !! And its always bittersweet when the performance has passed, you work for months towards this moment and then it literally flies by, we want to do it again !! But we know this was just the beginning and we can’t wait to develop and grow on stage with this work, luckily more shows are coming and we will be sure to keep you informed !! For now BIG thanks to this incredible audience ( we truly have the BEST fans!), De Meervaart for giving us this opportunity and the incredible 2FOLD team that made it all happen!

Below some responses from our audience and press:

‘Met ‘2Fold Hanuman/YAH’ bewijst Samadhi DC weer ‘ns tot de ‘buitencategorie’ van de dansgezelschappen te behoren. Vooral het deel ‘Hanuman’ van het tweeluik is een pakkend, oogstrelend en overweldigend visueel spektakel. Een sublieme combinatie van dans, licht, muziek, kostuums, decor, zang en vertelling. Dit en de Samadhi DC zo kenmerkende buitengewoon passionele inzet van de uiterst begaafde danser(es)s(en) maakt dit tot een dansvoorstelling van absolute topklasse!!’ – Eric van Opstal

‘Sundari gaat all-in, en het werkt! Niet vaak gaat een uur zo snel voorbij.’ – Theaterkrant

‘Een mooi, vernieuwend antwoord op de sprookjesballetten van Het Nationale Ballet. ‘Hanuman’ zou makkelijk uitgebreid kunnen worden tot avondvullende voorstelling. Met de kostuums, het decor, het dansidoom en de kwaliteit van de dansers ligt hiervoor een perfecte basis.’ – 1e

‘I still can NOT get over what I saw Friday 12 September evening, nor do I want to…I was touched to my very core, because I witnessed what I believe is the very essence of dance…The last weeks I have been trying to put in words to describe the amazing piece Vraja Sundari Keilman has choreographed…but I can’t, words do not do it justice. It was beyond amazing…(….) Thanx to ALL of Samadhi Dance Company for giving me life…’ – Roy Jonathans

Sneakpeek ‘Hanuman’ rehearsal

A glimpse behind the scenes of the crossover dance production ‘Hanuman’, part of the 2FOLD series in collaboration with the Meervaart theater in Amsterdam.

Premiere Friday Sept 12, 2014 at the Meervaart, Amsterdam.

Tickets available at

Live vocals by Charan.

Dancer Marnix Lenselink as ‘Hanuman’.

Audio: Olafúr Arnalds, Radhanath Swami.

Choreography & Concept: Vraja Sundari Keilman based on the ‘Ramayana’ by Valmiki.

Rehearsal of Samadhi Dance Company August 2014 at the studios of Balletschool Marut Jorquera in Baarn.

Rocking performance at the Vondelpark

Photo: Ronnos

What an INCREDIBLE audience previous Friday July 18 at the Vondelpark Openluchttheater, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR ENTHUSIASM AND SUPPORT !!! And a big thank you to Glenn Westphal/ New Dance Studios for the opportunity, Ken Srisangkhan for the awesome film, Alexander Van Der Linden/Dephoid and Ron Hey for the wonderful photography and the entire Samadhi Dance Company crew including all friends, family, fans and students, it really was a PURE DELIGHT to perform for you all and we can’t wait for more !!!

July 26/27: Samadhi @ Summer Holi Festival in Radhadesh

Photo: Karen Scheffers – Dancer: Gil Gomes Leal

As every year this Summer Samadhi is honored to be part of Radhadesh’s annual Summer Festival in Belgium and this year the festival will take it to another level by adding Holi! Holi is known as the colorful festival where participants shower each other in paint, a celebration increasingly growing in popularity all over the world and as it is an ancient Indian tradition, where else within Europe can one celebrate such a great event Indian style as one can in Radhadesh?! Radhadesh is THE place to experience Holy India within Europe with its most inviting and friendly community always ready to serve its visitors and its most magical temple within the fairytale like castle, a memorable characteristic of Radhadesh. Read more »