Performance dates 2015 – Hanuman World Tour

Foto: Karen  Scheffers – Danseres: Loura Sita van Krimpen

* 6 februari –20:15u = Premiere ‘Hanuman’ | Meervaart, Amsterdam | Tickets:

* 7 maart –19:45u = ‘Hanuman’ (40 min versie) – Voorprogramma: ‘Made By Us’, een initiatief in samenwerking met de Balletschool Marut Jorquera te Baarn | Theater de Speeldoos.

* 19 april -15:00u = ‘Hanuman’ | Indomania Festival in de Rabozaal Melkweg, Amsterdam.

* 28 mei = Album release ‘Inevitable TimeAnanda Monet ism Samadhi Dance Company + Jahnavi Harrison ‘Like A River to the Sea’ | Camden Center, Judd Street London, United Kingdom | Tickets:

* 30 mei –20:30u = ‘Hanuman’ (30 min) | Ayurveda Event in de Rijswijkse Schouwburg (Generaal Spoorlaan 10 – gratis parkeren). Toegang gehele event: € 50,-. Info: |

* 7 -13 juni = ‘Hanuman’ | Internationaal Dans Festival in Cali & Bogota, Colombia. Meer info volgt zsm.

* July 5 = ‘Hanuman’ | Ratha Yatra Festival van Mälmo, Zweden. Meer info volgt zsm.

* 25 & 26 juli = ‘Hanuman’ | Zomer Holi Festival Radhadesh (BE). Info: |

* Sept 5 = ‘Hanuman’ | Cultureel Festival, Baarn. Meer info volgt zsm.

Nederlandse tour verzorgd door Theaterbureau SLOT:

* Oct 9 -20:15u = ‘Hanuman’ | Theater De Stoep, Spijkenisse.

* Oct 13 -20:00u = ‘Hanuman’ | Parkstad Limburg Theaters, Heerlen

* Oct 16 = ‘Hanuman’ | Schouwburg Almere/Hectare Cultuur, Almere

* Oct 17 -21:00u = ‘Hanuman’ | Podium Mozaïek, Amsterdam

* Nov 4 -19.30u = ‘Hanuman’| Rabotheater Hengelo, Hengelo

* Nov 13 -13:30u = Besloten - ‘Hanuman’ | CC, Beringen

* Nov 13 -20:15u = ‘Hanuman’ | CC, Beringen

* Nov 17 = Besloten ‘Hanuman’ | Cultuurcentrum Achterolmen, Lommel

* Nov 20 = ‘Hanuman’ | De Meerse, Hoofddorp

* Nov 24 = Besloten ‘Hanuman’ | Cultuurhuis In De Klinker, Winschoten

* Nov 27 -13:30u = Besloten - ‘Hanuman’ | Cultuur Centrum De Adelberg, Lommel

* Nov 27 -20:15u = ‘Hanuman’ | Cultuur Centrum De Adelberg, Lommel

Voor boekingen van ‘Hanuman’ voor het seizoen van 2015/2016 neem contact op met Theaterbureau Slot ( 06-12 96 65 57/ email: of zie

Album release ‘Inevitable Time’

Introducing an incredible new project this Spring in collaboration with UK stars Ananda Monet, Jahnavi Harrison and Radha-Krsna Records, the release of Ananda’s epic album ‘Inevitable Time’ featuring new work of the Samadhi Dance Company and Jahnavi’s heartwarming new album ‘Like a River to the Sea’, a unique contemporary showcase of incredible music and dance fusing the best of two worlds!

On May 28 the release of the epic album ‘Inevitable Time’ based on the legendary Mahabharat will take place at Camden Venue in London and Samadhi is beyond thrilled to present entire new work on these mind-blowing musical compositions created by the incredible Ananda Monet !! Her album exudes class, power, intrinsic depth and spiritual richness beyond words, the work brings you into the timeless world of epic heroes and ancient wisdom, the quality is truly out of this world!

Needless to say Vraja Sundari was ecstatic to be requested by Ananda to create new work on such extraordinary compositions and the dancers can’t wait to present the Samadhi signature in eclectic London, a wonderful place to present such diverse dance styles from the West ánd East. Dancers of the new performance include Loura Sita, Gino Rajiv, Jeffrey and Vraja Sundari herself. Epic chapters and characters from the Mahabharat are narrated through Samadhi’s unqiue contemporary dance style and Ananda’s powerful music.

Its a dream come true for the dance company to collaborate with such spiritually enriched artists as well as to present work in the UK, thus the company feels honored to commence such a great project.

This special collaboration is an entirely non-profit initiative and to reach its goal we need your help !! We have another 11 hours if you meant to contribute or share the campaign with friends…/inevitable-time-by-an…/x/8669174

Please take a moment and support these amazing artists by contributing even just a tiny amount, it makes all the difference!

To get a glimpse of what this project promises to bring, see this spectacular short trailer of the album below:

View the album’s raving review here:

More information will be provided the coming time, so stay up to date by following our news updates and be inspired!

Breathtaking photos of ‘Hanuman’